Philadelphia Macaroni:
   Specializes in Industrial Pasta.
   Instant, conventional, whole wheat, IQF, quick cook.   
   Organic Certified           

   Domestic and imported rice, quinoa and grains. Quick-cook,
   toasted and crispy.
  Organic Certified              

 The Food Source:
  Custom conventional and organic seasoning blends. Savory flavors 
  and yeast extracts.   Dairy powders.  Non-GMO project verified.
  Organic Certified              

 Teasdale Foods:
   Precooked dehydrated beans.
  Organic Certified                               

 Newtown Foods: 
  Conventional, Organic and Fair Trade cocoa powder, cocoa butter and liquor. ​     
  Banana Flakes. 
  Organic Certified                  

 Enterprise Food Products:   
​  Caramelized Sugars- All Natural. Not a sweetener, used for flavor 
   modifications.  Round out/brighten flavors, improve mouthfeel,          
   and mask off-notes. Liquid and Powders.   
  Organic Certified

 American Food Ingredients:
   Full line of dehydrated vegetables

  US Durum:
  Conventional and Pearled (Israeli style) Couscous. Plain and whole wheat.
  Organic Certified.                    

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